Surveying and Planning

We are proud of our long history of providing quantity surveying advice across various sectors and building types. Successful projects are gained by clearly establishing from the outset the client’s needs, aims and objectives – these remain our focus for the project duration. We work with the client and project team using clear and constant communication which ensures informed decision making. We are flexible in meeting the needs of the project and promote innovation, added value and efficiencies. We aim to deliver within budget whilst exposing the client to the least commercial risk and achieving maximum value for money. We also offer ‘post completion’ services such as claims advice or fire/insurance valuations.


Excavation and Foundation

Excavation and foundations are most important when restructuring the grounds or in preparation for a new building to be developed. This is a crucial stage of planning as it denotes where and how the building will grow and stand the test of time ( get this wrong and it will show for ever). A number of tests are carried out upon the proposed site ranging from soil, environmental impacts, water table and drainage to name but a few.

Structural surveys are carried before hand, and in some cases a full topographical survey will be done to ensure accuracy.

excavation and planning

Exterior Works

Working outside on projects can bring to light a range of problems biggest of all what do to do with water. Whether you are looking to remove/divert rain fall from the ground or make your property water tight from the elements that continually damage our properties up and down our nation. They can literally destroy the very foundation that a property is built on or even cause countless thousands of pounds of damage on the inside, be it personal property or internal damage to the structure of the building.

We can make your property weather proof and prevent future damage happening, ensuring doors/windows are correctly fitted, roof structures are sound and adequate drainage. Keeping drains clean/sound and free from debris, broken roof tiles are replaced, chimneys and brickwork have good joints and flashing. So we make sure you are dry at all times.


Interior and Finishing Touches

CPR UK has done many projects that relate to internal works some are just straight forward replacement kitchens and bathrooms, painting and decoration, some more detailed in its design.

like a new life skills base for a school that required all 5 to 16 years of age to use it, disabled persons to use it, be practical in its design for every day use, stronger units, better quality appliances, keeping safety in mind at all times.

CPR UK has great reputation for understanding clients needs and fulfilling there requirements that they may have, we work closely with our clients and our design team to make small changes that make big differences.

CPR Residential Gallery

Landscape and Gardening

CPR UK has a very good landscaping department, not just for school playing fields and flower beds but residential homes too. we have access to plant nurseries for a complete range of flowers, shrubs and trees. we also have within our team very good arboriculturalist for all tree needs whether just a prune or complete removal of a tree.

Landscape & Gardening

Maintenance and Repairs

CPR.UK has is own work force that covers all of the trades within the construction industry and runs is own maintenance department. All our staff are professional tradesman with years of experience and the qualifications under their belt.

So you can trust that the job in hand will be done correctly, on time every time.

We believe that if you are a plumber your a plumber, and a electrician is a electrician we dont send in a painter to lay a floor and anything else that needs doing.

Well you wouldn’t ask your solicitor to fit your kitchen now would you.