About Us

Who is CPR UK?

CPR UK was created almost 20 years ago and whilst the construction industry has undergone many changes, CPR UK have always kept up to date or even one step ahead. Our aims and beliefs have remained steadfast and our guiding principles have remained the same. like all good things the company has now grown into something very special.

We believe……
“If your gonna do a job, do it right first time”

Whether master planning a major urban extension or the detailed designs of an individual building, our solutions are based around realising our clients’ vision. This has resulted in an enviable reputation for skilfully guiding clients through all potential options, appraising the merits of each and creating a Sustainable Building Design within the clients brief and budget.

Why do I need a project manager?

CPR.UK believe that the key to effective project management is clear communication and we strive to provide strong leadership on any size scheme to ensure we achieve our clients’ objectives. With ever increasing demands for greater planning consultation, financial management, design excellence, considerations, construction projects are now complex both in the pre-contract and construction stages. In addition it is now commonplace for a wide variety of non industry specific consultants to contribute their advice including legal, financial and archaeological teams. Due to these increased demands the need for a specialist independent Project Manager is accepted best practice and often a requirement from financial supporters of the scheme to accurately evaluate, organise and manage this flow of detailed information.

CPR.UK Project Managers provide a single point of contact who will focus on assembling and managing the project team, interpreting technical, costing, legal & statutory issues and ensuring that at all times costs, programme and quality are delivered to the clients predetermined objectives.